Young people, celebrity and entrepreneurialism

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On the 26th November we were lucky enough to join forces with In Defence of Youth Work for a workshop exploring young people, celebrity and entrepreneurialism.

Heather Mendick talked about how young people spoke about success in our research. Tania de St Croix spoke about her work on how the increase in enterprise culture has had an impact on youth work. Both power points are available here:

Youthwork event heather pdf

Youth workers as critical entrepreneurs tania

The day was thought provoking and full of great discussion. All of the people who attended gave feedback regarding our project findings and also the tools we are in the process of developing. Here are some of the comments from the people who attended the workshop:

  • Thank you for a good day – very good discussions and ideas, nice to be a part of.
  • Very thought-provoking. Make a difference to youth workers!
  • Stories are a powerful tool
  • Very useful and thought-provoking discussion. The information is extremely pertinent to the field of practice. So thank you!
  • Really glad I attended. Informative talks and great discussion – thanks.
  • Thank you for today. I feel both angry and hopeful.
  • Use findings for creative work – acting / social media.
  • Enlightening, very good reflections but case studies are too wordy
  • Should we have social enterprises or more informal community groups? Funding, targets, sustaining work, wider impacts.
  • Circulate materials for the group to distribute, develop.
  • Lack of resilience but continuing to encourage critical thinking.
  • PSHE curriculum could be informed by youth work and young people and relevant to local matters.
  • Thought inspiring workshop.


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